Environmental Law: Adaption or Extinction with Attorney John Shea – Part Four

Attorney Bob Flynn from Flynn Law Firm, P.C. host of “Talking about the Law” enjoyed a spirited conversation on Sunday June 16, 2013 on WCRN 830 AM Radio with guest Attorney John Shea from Mackie Shea O’Brien, P.C. They discussed “Environmental Law: Adaption or Extinction.”

“Talking about the Law” was created by Attorney Robert Flynn, a Framingham personal injury accident attorney to deepen the public’s understanding of legal issues in their lives.

The fourth segment of this show with Attorney Shea focuses not on clean water, but on “dirty water.” There are two types of dirty water, such as “very dirty water” from treatment plants and “somewhat dirty water,” which is storm water that comes from run off. A crisis led to a change in the law. In Ohio, a river caught on fire, and as a result the Federal Clean Water Act led to the clean up of our nations waters in the 1970s. The federal government was throwing money to clean up water, and in Massachusetts the waste water treatment plants were established. Since then there have been few upgrades, until recently. The federal EPA is reissuing permits to tighten up the standards on nutrients to clean up the water. To listen to this segment of the show with Attorney Shea click “Play” above.

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