What is Negligence?

Negligence is the failure on the part of a person or a company to live up to the standards of care owed by each and every one of us to ourselves and to others; it is known as the reasonable man standard and people are expected to live up to the standard of care of a reasonably prudent person under like circumstances. Failure to live up to that standard is negligence. Negligence is a legal doctrine that requires a jury or a judge to determine whether a defendant violated the common duty owed by all of us to each other to exercise reasonable care for the safety of others. The landlord generally owes a duty to exercise reasonable care to protect people on their property from unreasonably dangerous conditions about which they are aware or should have reasonably been aware or that the property owner created or caused. A general contractor or builder owes a duty to exercise reasonable care so as to not harm workers on the job site or others nearby. A driver owes a duty to exercise reasonable care to protect passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists and other motor vehicle users from injury. Should a person or company be negligent and cause injuries, that person is legally reasonable to compensate the victim for those damages.