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Accidents do not just happen; they are frequently caused by the negligence or carelessness of a company or of another employee  or by an unreasonably dangerous tool or equipment. They are frequently caused by a failure to warn of a problem, defect or unreasonably dangerous condition. Accidents often occur at construction sites, in the workplace, at recreational locations, on the roadways and in buildings and stores.

If an accident causes you a serious injury, you should be aware that the legal system provides you with assistance to help you make the best of an undesirable or unfair situation. The legal system provides an opportunity for you to be compensated by the one that caused your injury. This reflects the fundamental fairness inherent in the system of justice.

It is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side. An ideal advocate would be a trial lawyer who, for many years, has prepared, tried and settled serious personal injury, accident, bodily injury or wrongful death cases. The best advocate to represent you in a serious personal injury or accident case is a trial attorney who has defended insurance companies, and their insured companies in truck, bus, train, plane and railroad accidents; a lawyer who has for decades defended construction companies, manufacturers, landlords, cities, towns, stores and recreational areas. That kind of experience in the courtroom is priceless. When used on your behalf to bring you your full, fair and just compensation from a wrongdoer or its insurance company, you need a lawyer you can trust.

At Flynn Law Firm, we bring decades of experience representing the insurance industry and its insureds. We exclusively represent those injured by negligence, carelessness or wrongdoing, fighting the insurance companies for full and fair compensation.

Accidents don’t just happen without a cause. The same is true for settlements. They don’t just happen either; they are caused. The insurance company will not settle your case for its full, fair value until the insurance company knows that the case is ready for trial, fully prepared for trial, with a lawyer capable and enthusiastic about trying that case for you. We prepare every case at Flynn Law Firm as if it is going to be tried and only then do we institute settlement discussions. Your case and your financial future is our priority.

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