Medical and Dental Malpractice

We rely on doctors and other medical professionals to monitor our health and illnesses, often putting our lives, and the lives of our loved ones, in their hands. When they make careless mistakes, the cost is dear.

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Fitchburg Failure to Diagnose Attorney

Because of the crucial role they play in society and our lives, doctors, dentists, nurses and other health care professionals are held to a higher standard than an average person. They must perform their duties as a reasonable health care professional in their field would, given the same set of circumstances.

Flynn Law Firm represents people who suffer injury, or lose their loved ones due to mistakes made by health care professionals, which include:

  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose serious illnesses such as heart disease or cancer
  • Delay of diagnosis that allowed a serious illness or medical condition to progress further than it would have, had it been caught, such as a stroke or aneurysm
  • Medication error, including improper prescription and administration
  • Birth injury
  • Hospital error

Using our investigative skills and talent for preparing and presenting evidence, we will fight to recover the costs of medical treatment and long-term care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other related damages on your behalf.

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