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When you hire a lawyer to represent you in any matter, your lawyer has a duty and obligation to perform his or her tasks ethically and competently. When lawyers fail in these duties, they may have committed legal malpractice. If you have reason to believe that your lawyer has failed in his or her duties, it is imperative to speak to a legal malpractice lawyer about your options.

Attorney Robert H. Flynn has defended lawyers for decades in claims that they mishandled their clients’ cases or neglected a transaction or were less than faithful to their financial or fiduciary duty. For 15 years he has focused on representing clients who have suffered a loss of money or property as a result of careless lawyering or negligence by attorneys. Attorney Flynn understands full well that you may be reluctant to place your trust in another attorney. As a result, Flynn Law Firm teams up with an unhappy and injured client to keep information flowing both ways, working diligently to use the legal tools available to undo the harm or compensate the injured party. The firm takes the time to carefully explain the law and the process in plain English and to clearly answer all your questions. And we help clients file with the Clients’ Security Board which is sponsored by the Massachusetts layer generally  without seeking a fee who may have faced a loss of money or property by theft by their former lawyer (legal fees are prohibited to assisting lawyers by the CSB rules).

Experienced Representation in Legal Malpractice Claims

Not every unfavorable result rises to the level of legal malpractice. In a lawsuit, someone almost always has to lose, and in a transaction, a zero-sum approach will almost always lead to a loss for someone. With that said, there are clearly certain types of professional misconduct that constitute malpractice such as the following:

  • Failure to timely prepare or file a document: This may include a violation of the statute of limitations, as well as a failure to file a response to a complaint or other court document, leading to default judgment or other negative consequences.
  • Failure to properly conduct a closing: For example, this can also involve transactions such as the failure to properly examine title, liens or mortgages pursuant to a real estate sale.
  • Failure to properly prepare a case: This can include ignoring or missing evidence because of neglect, accepting a case for which the lawyer has no knowledge or expertise, or simply not dedicating an appropriate amount of time to the case.
  • Failure to properly settle a case: These claims could involve the failure to recommend settlement or prepare a case to posture it for settlement.
  • Financial improprieties: This may involve unauthorized use of escrow or other client funds, improper or unethical billing practices, and other actions.

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