Falls – Unguarded Opening

Worcester Rooftop Fall Injury Lawyer

Protecting the Rights of Workers Injured in Falls

Flynn Law Firm, PC, offers more than 35 years of experience as trial lawyers on personal injury claims in Massachusetts, including cases involving falls by workers injured on construction sites. Robert H. Flynn as a former insurance defense attorney who tried numerous construction accident cases and today he represents workers at these construction sites. He has represented workers who fell from dangerous heights such as a roof, wall, decking on a bridge or floors. This experience allows him to anticipate the legal strategies insurers may employ to minimize the value of your claim and use the experience for workmen and to know how to deal with those tactics.

  • Falls through holes — Often, temporary measures are taken to cover up holes on a job site. When poorly or improperly done, they can create a false sense of security and can lead to injury when they collapse. Unsecured or temporary, covers on floor openings be can be traps for a construction site worker.
  • Falls from roofs — Frequently, workers perform tasks on the roof of a building without guards, rails or other protective measures in place. If you have been injured falling from an unsafe roof, floor or equipment, Flynn Law Firm will focus on you obtaining full and fair compensation.
  • Falls from unguarded openings on elevators — If you have fallen from a work elevator that had not been properly guarded, the law firm will protect your rights to damages.

The firm is adept at gathering the contract plans and specifications, the sub-contractor submittals, photos and contractors’ records to compare them to the accident and to see what went wrong. The firm identifies the likely culprits to find the source of the victim’s compensation, from the employer, the workers’ compensation carrier, contractors, subcontractors, architects and other responsible parties.

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