Falling Objects

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When contractors, subcontractors or their employees fail to take appropriate safety steps on a construction site, unsecured objects can fall from significant heights, putting others at risk. The dangers are not limited to other workers. Innocent passersby, including those in passing vehicles, can suffer serious injury. A brick or steel bar from three stories high is lethal and must be controlled properly. If you or your loved one has been injured by falling objects or debris from a job or construction site, you need an experienced trial lawyer to help you obtain full and fair compensation for your losses.

Flynn Law Firm, PC, has more than 35 years of legal trial experience handling personal injury claims in Massachusetts. The firm’s practice is devoted to representing people who have been injured on construction sites. The firm thoroughly investigates the circumstances of an industrial or construction accident to identify all liable parties. If someone other than the employer shares responsibility for the injuries, the firm identifies them to hold them accountable for the negligence that injured our client.

Protecting People Injured by Falling Objects on Construction Sites

Flynn Law Firm fights for individuals who have been injured by falling objects on a construction or job site. This includes workers or bystanders hurt by:

  • Tools, equipment or machine parts
  • Building materials or debris

The firm will work with you at any stage of your claim, whether you have just been injured and need an assessment of the merits of your case, or you have encountered difficulties recovering benefits from an insurance provider. The firm is prepared to handle all types of injury claims, including serious and catastrophic injuries such as brain injury or spinal cord injury, broken bones, and amputation or loss of a limb. In every claim, the firm’s only goal is to help you recover full compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

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