Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents are frequently caused by negligent driving and carelessness by other motorists. They are sometimes caused by faulty traffic signals or defective roadway design. Sometimes they are caused by deficiencies or unreasonably dangerous conditions in a motor vehicle. When an automobile accident occurs, there are obligations imposed on the drivers by law and also by your insurance policy. Prompt notification to your insurance company is important to protect your right to recover for the damage to your automobile. In addition, you may qualify to receive and recover no-fault benefits, underinsured benefits, med pay benefits and perhaps other benefits under your policy of insurance.

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Worcester Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorney

You are permitted five days by law to report the accident to the police and to the Registry of Motor Vehicles by completing an operator’s report form generated by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. There is a penalty imposed by law for failure to do so. The reason for this obligation is so that important data can be preserved and that information for statistical and a number of other purposes is obtained largely contemporaneously with the accident in question.

The other thing you should do if you are injured in an accident, or even if you cause an accident or are involved in an accident, is notify your attorney. You want to notify a qualified personal injury lawyer who has experience investigating, preparing and trying serious personal injury cases so that your rights can be protected. If it is important enough for an insurance company to require notification so that it can go investigate the accident, then it is critical for you to have someone on your side doing a parallel investigation. You don’t rely on the other army to develop your battle plans. You need someone on your side who will provide the complete and accurate information necessary to let you properly deal with the situation at hand.

At Flynn Law Firm, PC, we jump on a case right at the outset. We utilize experienced, knowledgeable, talented and enthusiastic private investigators as our clients’ eyes and ears on the ground where the accident happened.

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