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Flynn Law Firm, PC, with offices in Wellesley and Marlborough, is committed to helping injured people across Massachusetts recover full and fair compensation for their injuries. The firm offers a high level of personal service and is committed to keeping you informed on all developments in your case. Attorney Robert H. Flynn will provide clear answers to your questions, always speaking in plain English. He has more than 40 years experience trying these injury and death cases for the insurance companies. Today, he exclusively uses these skills and experience for the benefit of accident victims. There is nothing like having defended these very cases to provide the insight needed to help an accident victim recover the just compensation needed to put their financial and then their social life back together. This is what helps secure a solid recovery for someone injured or killed by negligence. Our philosophy and our practice is to prepare each case we accept for trial and then and only then discuss case settlement. Both sides must know that the choice is trial or settlement to properly resolve a case for its full and fair value.

If Flynn Law Firm, P.C. takes your case, and if you accept our representation, you will know:

1. You have an experienced and serious attorney who will prepare your case and is ready to try your case, not a series of associates training on your case.

2. While every attempt will be made to settle your case, it will be prepared for trial under most circumstances before Flynn Law Firm initiates settlement discussions on your behalf. The insurer has to appreciate that the case is ready for trial and its choice is trial or settlement.  While no guaranty can be made about outcomes, you will know that your case has been well-prepared, presented, argued and negotiated.

3. If another lawyer refers your case to Flynn Law Firm, P.C., and many lawyers do, you will also have the benefit of your referring attorney’s views throughout the case and at time of settlement, just as you will have the benefit of Flynn Law Firm’s experienced approach. Flynn Law Firm considers you and any referring attorney who is also working with you to be part of our trial team.

4. You and referring counsel will receive a copy of material sent out or received by this office, usually by email. You will be kept abreast of everything going on during your case; and if another lawyer refers you to this office, that lawyer will also be kept apprised fully of everything that is happening.

5. When you call, the call will be returned. Trial lawyers are not always in the office and at a desk but someone will call you, take a message and pass it on to the lawyer for a follow-up call as soon as possible or for follow-up action and a call back to you about the action.

6. We will work zealously to pursue your right to full and fair compensation.

7. We adhere to the American Association for Justice’s mission: to promote a fair and effective justice system . . . to ensure that any person who is injured by the misconduct or negligence of others can obtain justice in America’s courtrooms.

8. We adhere to the IADC’s Tenets of Professionalism including counseling our clients that initiation or engaging in settlement discussions is consistent with zealous and effective representation. We will attempt to resolve matters as effectively and economically as possible.

9. We appreciate you permitting us to handle your case and we want you to see and appreciate the nature and the extent of the work we do on your behalf. When your case is over we will ask for your appraisal of our efforts.

10. We will work now to justify future referrals and recommendations from you.

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