Social Security with Attorney Robert L. Noa – Part Four

Attorney Robert L. Noa, co-host of “Talking about the Law” hosted a conversation on Sunday June 9, 2013 on WCRN 830 AM Radio about social security. “Talking about the Law” was created by Attorney Robert Flynn, a Framingham personal injury accident attorney to deepen the public’s understanding of legal issues in their lives.

Hiring an attorney in a social security case is highly effective because attorneys use a Contingent Fee Agreement. It is critical to have medical support in your claim for social security. There must be treatment records with your doctor showing that you have a relationship between you and your doctor, which will show a basis for their reasoning of your injury. This gives a foundation for your case, no matter what court you are in. Hiring a medical expert to give a report in your case will not be enough on its own to support your case, although it may be supplemental. To listen to part four of this show listen to the audio above.

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